About Us

“Our mission is to develop, implement, and sustain outreach programs
that enable ministries and organizations to reflect the needs, hopes, and dreams of the people
they serve. We deliver services that are biblically based, effective and results in transformed lives.”

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Our Approach
Community Outreach Systems is a mission support organization that provides…
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Our Work
Our work is built on the belief that innovation and creativity combined with a powerful message…
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Our Strategies
We focus on developing new strategies for your outreach mission. We also create and support…

Our Solutions

Vision Expansion
We Identify patterns and needs that are emerging in the local community and assist groups and organizations in Read More…

Outreach Kitchen
We help to support the outreach campaigns by providing high quality food for the events. We have a team  Read More…

Project Planning

We develop management systems and implement short-term and long-term projects. We also provide data, training Read More…

Outreach Tools

We built an outreach platform we call (Mission Outreach Vision Engagement Discipleship) (MOVED) Read More…

Outreach Development
We design and develop programs that will assist in reaching your targets. The programs focus on two areas Read More…

Growth Guidance
Our goal is to redesign the traditional concept of an outreach program into a 21st century power tool whose mission Read More…

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The Bible is a Roadmap and a Pathway for all Believers to follow; and
as they follow, will grow and multiply.

Engagement involves message, method and response. Find out how
this happens.

Vision is essential for Mission, but the Vision must then be turned into a plan that is clear and defined.

Outreach Campaigns will help you reach people where they are. You must understand the Process and have the right Tools to run the campaign

The Mission Field is everywhere. Find out how you can do Mission Planning, become Mission Ready and be On Mission.