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Ralph Watson is the chairman of the Precision Guided Group and has a varied and extensive career spanning 35 years of increasingly responsible positions in both sales and operations in a very diverse mix of industry specialties, including food processing, textile and apparel, financial services, strategic marketing and professional management consulting.

As a Senior Executive Analyst with the George S. May International Company he distinguished himself as one of their top analysts in a highly competitive field. He also consulted with Huntington, Copper, Moody, Maguire with distinction and was an International Business Coach for SkillPath Executive Services coaching 10 businesses in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Earlier in his career, he rose to Associate Manager of three divisions of the third largest
milk cooperative in the country where he turned around a failing division and decertified two powerful unions. Moving from there he joined the Southland Corporation to launch the Dole Fruit N’ Juice Bar and a franchise program with Coca-Cola Foods. Later he joined a family owned, vertically integrated textile and apparel company and within 6 months was Vice-President of Sales. He took the company from a Cost Plus5% product mix to one carrying a 30% Gross Margin. He then went into business for himself in the highly competitive industry of financial services where he set up a national health insurance program for the Business Partners of IBM and later earned a license to implement the Monopolize Your Marketplace strategic marketing system.

Throughout his life and career, he has sought to “set the captives free,” whether in a spiritual sense or as business owners who have unintentionally built themselves a prison from which they need to escape, or people being held captive by physical illnesses. His personal and professional challenge it to Be Greater FASTER!.

He holds a BSA degree from the University of Georgia and is rated in the Top 5% of all Middle and Upper Level Executives by Alexander Proudfoot Consulting. To book Ralph for a speaking engagement or Management Consulting, call (404)447-9600 or email visionvoices@communityoutreachsystems.com