Building a Mission Movement

Moved to Mission

In building a Mission Movement, the challenge of the church is to help fulfill Jesus’ mission and
establish throughout the congregation that the task is mobilizing and equipping others to help with this mission.

They must move from ministry to/for the people to ministry with the community.

The goal of the Movement is to develop and share the ministry’s vision, goals and purpose with the membership and move from inward to outward focus with a local and global mission emphasis.

The Movement must shift its emphasis from services and programs to a wholistic outreach mission.

The Mission Movement moves from similarity and sameness to diversity and from mono-cultural to
multi-cultural outreach.

The Mission Movement moves from a mindset of only people who travel abroad are missionaries to an
understanding that the local community is the mission field and our goal is to be missionaries where we are planted.

Let us help you build a Mission Movement!



Roy Benjamin is the Digital Outreach Director for Community Outreach Systems.